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Welcome to cocoatown.com by CocoaTown LLC. We are the manufacturers and marketers for Grindeur® line of cocoa grinder / melanguer (melanger) combo appliances that help you prepare gourmet chocolates – from bean to bar – the authentic way with modern convenience.

We supply innovative and specialized food preparation machineries to prepare gourmet foods. Like any other food product, making gourmet chocolate is an art and science. We at cocotown.com understand the chemistry, physics, and mechanics of chocolate grinding process. To consistently make the best chocolate, the chocolatier needs three basic elements;

  • The best raw materials
  • Thorough understanding of the process
  • Right equipment

Raw Materials: The beans make a lot of difference in the final outcome. Gourmet chocolatiers are focusing on the single bean source, organic beans, ethical trading, origin of the cocoa beans etc. They modify their recipe and process depending on the beans as beans from certain regions have more cocoa butter content than those procured from other regions.

Process: There are several sources including websites like chocolatealchemy.com that discuss the process variables that are important to make the best quality gourmet chocolate every time. The chocolate making involves the critical steps in the following order:

Procuring, Roasting, Cracking, Winnowing, Grinding, Conching, Tempering, Molding

Most chocolatiers are making their chocolates from couverture (existing chocolate bar). When they choose this option, they just temper and mold the chocolate and do not have the control of the source or origin of the cocoa beans.

Gourmet chocolatiers on the other hand start the process from procuring or grinding. So far, the melanguers to grind chocolate were bulky (to process more than 100 lbs of cocoa nibs at a time), took up more space, and costed thousands of dollars.

Equipment: Since the chocolatiers needed the equipment that can process 1 – 100 lbs of cocoa nibs, we have developed Melangers (melanguers) to grind the cocoa nibs in small volumes and Grindeurs (grinder + melangeur combo) to scale up their production capabilities.

Our Grindeur® line of cocoa grinders and accessories will help you to completely control the critical process variables and to impart the chocolatier’s "signature" into their chocolate consistently.
We are also in the process of developing other appliances that will further assist them to get consistent finished product.